Monday, May 24, 2010

I need some help, I found my dogs stuck together?

Is this normal? I have never owned a female dog and so I am still learning about them. She just went through her first heat and I kept her locked up but the male dog broke into the dog runn and I found them
This is called a "tie", and it's part of dog mating.

Throwing cold water on them MOST CERTAINLY WILL NOT "stop" them! The male is knotted and physically trapped inside the female! Good lord.

Pregnancy is not guaranteed, but obviously she's still receptive, so she may end up that way. If she's under a year, this will be very difficult on her body. Having her spayed as soon as possible will nullify the issue and fix the problem of heat cycles once and for all.
they mated
That's what happens after dogs mate..
It's called dog knotting and it's common when they mate. They should be fine.
What do you mean stuck together. I think what your talking about is a tail tie. They do this after they breed and it almost always means you've got pups on the way. Why didn't you neuter or spay them? It would be a lot better then keeping them in seperate spaces.
You can always try putting water on them that usually will get them apart.
It means that he has tied with her, your female will be having puppies soon.
PLEASE get her spayed and get him Neutered!!

There is a HUGE pet overpopulation problem in this world-- please do not add to it!
Hope you wanted puppies
They were mating - Them being stuck is a "Tie" in dog terms.

See you back here in 63 days when you ask if she's in labor!

Have her spayed and you won't have these issues!
That is how they mate.
Great first question
That happened to my dogs I pulled them apart but somebody told me you are not supposed to do that. I didnt know Im still learning about dogs too,but the reason I pulled them apart is because she was screaming and I got scared shes a little chihuahua and the male was a pomeranian he was fixed though.
Its called 'tying'or 'the tie'. The male dogs penis enlarges and he becomes effectively stuck inside her from 20 mins to 1 hour. His penis will go back to normal size slowly and he will separate from her. In dog terms, this is to ensure the transition of the sperm inside the female dog. In short, they have mated. If you take her to the vets within 24 - 48 hours there is an injection they can give her to terminate any pregnancy occuring.
its cool theres nothing u can really do but try to keep them apart
if you found them stuck together, then conception most likely took place. it is entirely normal. when dogs get it on, the male gets "stuck" in that position for a few minutes.
that's life for animals just like some men are dogs, i recon.''
This is normal.The only reason this happened is because you caught them.Just like humans they don't like no one else watching them.The female was trying to stop but the male"s penis was still swollen or erected and couldn't pull out because he didn't ejaculate yet. but as you noticed after he calm down then they separated.!! Quit messing up they GROOVE!!! lol
When dogs mate, the male's penis swells up and cannot be pulled out until the female relaxes. DON'T try to force them apart! Just give it a few minutes and the male will dismount on his own.
Read about it here:

See the third paragraph.
More than likely gonna have puppies dear. As you are still learning about them, check out a few websites about dogs, borrow a few books from the library, and then come see us here on Answers in about 63 days.
good luck. the learning process never ends.
yes it is normal thats why people use lube
Your dogs tied.
Neutered dogs can tie also (I have experienced).
You should wait for the tie to end - anywhere from a few mins (secs for some), to an hr or more (I have experienced 2 1/2 hrs). Trying to pry apart can injure. it's best for them to relax.
If they are both intact, and you do not want puppies, have your ***** spayed very soon. If you do want puppies, if the breeding takes then you will have puppies in 58 to 70 days.
Just because there is a tie - does not mean it always takes.

I have bred several litters-- they don't all take.
And my 2nd litter was coming back from a dog show and my stud got to my ***** through the door wires of a vari crate (un-planned- nice litter)
But both poodles/dogs had achieved Championship, health tested, unrelated.
well..they mated..and just leave em..if u try to pry them apart..u can hurt them badly...they will eventually unstick
spay and neuter!!!!! you obviously have no business owning dogs. have them neutered asap! esp. your female!!! there are too many unwanted puppies in the world, and you may think you can find homes for all of them but can you really count on that or on them getting good homes where they will be loved and cared for?!
this is normal the male dog has a ball in its pines and it locks the female on to him so she will not get away till he is done ... it is sad but that the way it goes ...
Give them some privacy!!!


  1. Why do people have to be rude when someone asks a legitimate question. Just because they didn't want to have their animal fixed doesn't give you the right to belittle them. Grow up

    1. Exactly! I was thinking the same thing...I can't stand self righteous judgmental people!!!

    2. Thank you ladies my thoughts exactly.

  2. First off for everyone that saying you should have got her fix that is wrong you always want to let the female have one heat cycle it keeps her chance of cancer down and he said this was her first heat cycle. But now again its never good to let your dog get pregnant on the first heat cycle because she to young or less she is over a year.

  3. That isn't true, update your research. It is now recommended that female dogs be spayed before their first heat because every heat cycle they have increases their chance of breast cancer. Just one heat can produce LOTS of puppies and the shelters are full now and dogs are dying every day.

    1. while it's true that shelters are already overcrowded, I have to agree with allowing a first heat before spaying in some breeds. in particular, larger breeds need time and hormones to fully develop, and since most don't experience their first heat until 12 months or so, allowing development to be fully realized prior to spay is, in my opinion, acceptable. sure, early spay reduces mammary cancer risks and unwanted pregnancy, but mammary cancer is a small percentage of overall dog cancers, so really, early spay is more about unwanted litters. nothing wrong with that point of view, but realize that some owners choose to allow for full development prior to spay for overall health of their dog. it is not irresponsible. it is simply another point of view. and even though many larger breeds don't see their first cycle until after 12 months, occasionally, a female might come into heat earlier, and that's fine, too. my Golden came into heat at 7 months (surprise!) and we just made sure no intact males got to her and life went on until she could be safely spayed. am I worried about cancer? sure, she's a Golden! but do I think waiting through a single heat cycle raised her odds? nope. her bone and muscle development come first, and for that to occur as it should, she needs all of her hormones. to me, it's a quality of life issue - I don't know if she will end up with cancer - nobody knows before it's found and diagnosed - but I do know that appropriate growth and development will ensure a good healthy life in the meantime. so, that's all I have to say about early spay. for some people, it's a good thing, for others, it's not. simply a matter of choice, but of course, responsibility comes with choice, so choose according to what you can reasonably handle without harming others as you do so. it's not a cut-and-dry issue as some make it out to be. you have to know your breed and what is important to you and the overall health and well-being of your dog.

    2. Ok my German Shepard had her first great cycle at 5 months, then one at 11 months and now my 3 Yr old male has been stuck to her four times now. Ugh is or still to young for her?

  4. Grow up people! What if they DO want the puppys? What if they CAN care for them? Stop acting like they don't want the puppys, maybe they don't oh well! No need to tell them off!

  5. Really what is the big deal about having your animals spayed and neutared? We can take care of our puppies and maybe she can too. I am sick of everytime I try to look up or research something about dogs there is this huge deal about getting your animals spayed. Maybe yall should go get fixed. The Human population is way to big.

    1. I so agree with u would they gt their husbands n wives fixed cause to many ppl have babies n dont look afta them but then again with their attitude they are probably alone cause they are so opinioated no one could put up with that

  6. Whoever wrote this.....
    spay and neuter!!!!! you obviously have no business owning dogs. have them neutered asap! esp. your female!!! there are too many unwanted puppies in the world, and you may think you can find homes for all of them but can you really count on that or on them getting good homes where they will be loved and cared for?!"
    You cannot get a positive point across by being so NASTY and demeaning. Geez your poor family

  7. Stop being so judgemental n grow up if u know the answer say so n keep your opinions to yourself

  8. You know there are lots of people that need to be neutered or spayed???.

  9. I agree with the rude comments, it's really uncalled for. I am in a similar position as the original poster. We had no intention of spaying our female for personal reasons. She was going to be our only dog, im a stay at home mom, so we can take care of puppies if need be. For mothers day my husband brought home a male puppy for me as a surprise, because my childhood dog died, and he was my best friend. So my now 7 month old pup tied with our female the other day, because I was not thinking when I let them out together, oops.

    So many people were jumping down my throat when I asked for advice on what to do and what to expect. I was basically called an idiot.