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I need to hand feed a nb it better to use a droper or dog baby bottle?

Go to the pet store and buy a baby bottle for small animals. The bottle will be able to meter out how much you're feeding, and can do it more efficiently (not to mention that it will satisfy the pup's natural urge to suckle).
a bottle. it takes forever with a dropper.
It depends on the puppy. Some puppys just won't drink from a puppy bottle. If the puppy will take a bottle, that is the best. Not only is it quicker but it's more like the mom and allows him/her to strengthen there sucking reflex.
The dog baby bottle would be better because it simulates the mothers nipple.
Use a bottle, they need to suck. The droper will feed ok but they do need to suck. If you don't let it now it will grow up sucking on all kinds of things.

Use a bottle.
It depends on the size of the dog. If it's tiny like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie then actually tube feeding is best. It's difficult, but much more effective than a bottle or a dropper as it makes sure the milk gets to their tummy. The little tiny ones often have trouble sucking and can dribble more than they swallow. I have done this myself with Chi pups and kittens.

If it's a bigger dog then a bottle should be fine. The puppies can suck much easier than the little ones and it comes more natural to them.

Newborns need feeding every 2 hours day and night so I hope someone is around to help you out.

I'm not a vet or a breeder, but I have done many rescues over the years.

Good luck with the hand raising. It's hard, but so rewarding when they make it.
Try the bottle first. Sometimes it takes puppies a little while to understand it. If that doesn't work, then move to the dropper. When the puppy starts to understand go back to the bottle.
i had to feed a whole litter of puppies and then not too long ago i had another puppy to feed. the vet said that puppies have a natural instinct to suck, so a bottle would be best. they also said that i could use goat milk, instead of puppy milk (powdered stuff from the store) which i did use the goat milk and it worked wonders. and its alot cheaper. my puppies grew so fast. also what i had to do was to "trick" the puppy into thinin it was still with its mother. i took a box and layered the bottom layer with newspaper, then a towel, on top of the towel i put a heating pad-set to low, and on the top just another towel. i also "hid" a ticking watch inside of the box between the layers. that way the puppy would hear the tick and think it was his mother heartbeat and feel the warmth from the heating pad and not "freakout" cuz he thought "mommy" was taken from him. there alot of puppies that die from the trauma of not being with their mothers when they are that young, but these tips from my vet worked wonders.
enjoy your puppy!
Use a bottle and dont get will finally eat..I raised 5 puppies on baby bottles..Good luck to you..
If it is a large breed puppy, you can go straight to the pet nurser kit (sold at pet stores) which have a variety of nipples that you can try on the pup to see which they will take the best. You will need to use a heated safety pin to enlarge the holes in the nipples or you won't get flow.
If it is a small breed puppy you may need to use an eyedropper at first. It is not unusual when starting to feed a newborn that they will seem to only get a few drops in the first few feedings. This is when an eye dropper can help to make sure they get something to start.
After each feeding it is very important that you massage the area where they go potty and maybe at first only some spotting will be noticed rather than pee until the pup has had a chance to eat a few times. I do this with a dampened slightly warm cottonball. This is what the mother dog does with their tongue because the pups cannot go to the bathroom by themselves, at least not sufficiently.
I keep mine in a box with a heating pad under a few layers of towels, set on low. Pet Stores also sell heating discs that can be microwaved, covered and set under the towel.
Ask the pet store to show you BENEBAC and how to use it. It's something that comes in a tube and provides essential "good" bacteria to your puppy. This will greatly help the pup since it is a newborn.
Your best bet is to get a commercially prepared puppy formula such as "Esbillac" or "Just Born". The powdered product costs less. Be sure to mix it right if that is what you go with.
You can make your own formula but since you are raising one puppy, the cost will likely not be prohibitive.
please don't forget that after feeding you will need to stimulate the pup to urinate and defecate
Hello, hopefully the puppy takes to the bottle %26 you have consulted with a VET, it's not good to force feed unless YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING or it can kill, if she won't take a bottle then it's VET TIME ONLY..unless you REALLY know what you're doing ...%26 fair warning..bottle feeding is 24/7..sometimes every hour for weeks ... until the puppy takes in more food..just like mama dogs would do..till about 4 weeks, then sometimes you can start adding moist, solid foods, plus you must also gently wipe it's butt with a warm cloth to make the puppy potty..again just as the mom does with her tongue or they will get sick !! Take Care :)
I also had to bottle feed a new born puppy it is hard work every few hours day and night but i found a babies bottle with a soft teat and also you can make it a bit bigger if needed a dropper would take to long and you would only be finished and you would be starting again

I need to find my perfect dog breed?

I am looking for a dog that is medium to large sized and doesn't shed. I do not care if it is hyper but it would be nice if it were easily trainable. I know that all dogs shed but some just not very much. If you could please help me out with this i would be very grateful. The youngest child in my family is 15 so that shouldn't be a problem. Thank You
Hi, and thanks for thinking about this before getting a dog!
This decision should fit your lifestyle and preferences - which will be more fair to the dog too.
#1, do not get a Dalmatian - they shed constantly and white hair is all over!

Try the AKC breed link, and description. For breeds you like check out local breeders or National Breed sites.
Adopting is highly recommended, and a great source is a Breed Rescue (dedicated to rescuing one breed of dog) group. Never buy from a "pet store".

AKC has this guide online which has pics of the dogs, and you can browse thru it.
What to consider:

Whatever you decide on, train your dog in obedience, love him/her, and give lots of attention for good behavior.
I hope you find a "best friend".

Highly recommend small, simple to follow book to help train:
"What all Good Dogs Should Know" by Volhard
Well... One of the best dog ever is the golden retriever. You might not want that cause it has a long coat and it will shed. I suggest that you get a labrodor retriever. Its just like a golden retriever but it has a short coat. The only problem would be during shedding season(all dogs goes through). Other than that seasons it usually dun shed. And it is highly intelligent and easy to train. They are lovable too. Hope this will help. good luck!
I own a Doggie Daycare. We love Caviler King Charles Spaniels. They are medium sized, very sweet, socialible, well mannered dogs. HTH

I agree with whoohooo but i like the golden retriver more even though it sheds... but its also smart easy to train. :O)
i have told this to many people and i will tell it to u. no one can tell u what kind of dog u should get. the best thing to do is pick out some dogs that u like the looks of and research them. no one can tell u what u like. people will tell u what their favorite dog is. so i hate people that ask this question. u need to research the breed of dog u like. find out if it fits ur criteria. im not trying to put u down. i am just trying to tell u that u shouldnt let someone else pick for u. this is a big choice and u shouldnt make the wrong one. so just research and u will be fine. have the kids research as well. they will be taking care of the dog too. so good luck. dont listen to these people cuz u might end up making a wrong choice. maybe u should look at a shelter. everyday shelter dogs get put to sleep cuz no one wants them. try there u may just end up finding the perfect dog
Standard poodle or Portuguese Water Dog seems to fit your description.
Would they be a good fit for you? Learn all you can about each breed and decide yourself whether or not they might suit your lifestyle.
not knowing the environmental side (how much room you have) or how active a family you have, it's not easy to answer.

Dobermans (not for everyone)
My aunt says that poodles don't shed like most other dogs but you have to brush their hair like you do your own and they are easily trained. They have to go to the groomers to keep their hair under control - the puppy cut is the easiest to maintain - like people do for hair styles.

I've heard that Bichon Frise's are similar in this respect.

The Chinese Crested only has a tuft of hair on it's head so shedding is not much of a problem for that breed either - but you have to be careful it doesn't get sunburned.
You should take a look at Poodle rescue. They are very smart dogs who shed the least of all dog breeds. A medium to large sized Poodle would be the Standard Poodle. Take a look at and adopt one. Or, you could take a look at the Airedale Terrier. They're also very smart, low-shedding dogs that don't have the typical Terrier temperament.
Poodle. They shed very little and you can get them in toy (think chihuahua), standard (jack-russel terrier) and giant (taller than a lab but still very fine-boned) varieties.

I've never had a poodle-- I do't really know how easily they can be trained-- but I worked at a kennel for two years and I discovered that the larger they were, the friendlier they tended to be. They can be hyper sometimes but they're slender dogs and shouldn't be able to over-power you in case it gets out of hand.

DON'T get a labradoodle (lab-poodle cross) labradors shed normally, it's a fifty-fifty chance that you'll get the tight poodle coat or the loose lab's coat. Plus, they're beefier and the breeder will probably try to sell this pup for a higher price because it's a 'designer dog breed'. *eyeroll* Whatev...

Good luck!
Find a dog thats fit you search and ask question about breeds thats you like
Go to and they have a section where you can put in the preference of the size and upkeep of the dog. They also have all dog breeds on the website so that way you can look through them. For each dog they give you background information, size, grooming requirements, exercise requirements, its watchdog abilities, and whether or not its good with other dogs. Good luck in finding a dog!
POODLE, they do not shed like other dogs. They shed less than any other breed. They are very easily trained and smart.

go to for more info on breeds.

I also love airdales. They shed a little and are sweet.
They are doing a lot of mixing with poodles now, and some of them are rather cute. The sheltie poodle cross is adorable. Depending on how much room you have, I wouldn't get any kind of herding or hunting breed unless u plan on putting them on a treadmill. (yes I'm serious) If a dog doesn't get out that energy, then it turns into bad habits. If u have the time to train, excercise, and give mental stimulation, then Australian Cattle Dogs, and Australian Shepperds are good and smart breeds. Labs etc shed a whole lot. hope this helped
bichon frise (small dog-less than 20 lbs), poodle, (same), standard poodle (big, about 50 lbs)

I need to feed my dog prescription dog food, how will it affect his insurance premiums?

He is a middle aged dog, needing hills c/d for the rest of his life according to the vet.
I know there must be an alternative - we are capitalists afterall, i am even happy to prepare from scratch myself.
BUT - if there is no other option than to claim for prescription food through his insurance - how will the premiums be affected.
I already pay 拢16 monthly, with a 拢90 xs.
Not sure about the premiums but be aware that "hill's prescription range" including the C/D range are not in fact (despite the name) prescription foods! This is just the way it is marketed.
These foods can be bought from other places such as pet stores and pharmacies and are nearly always cheaper than the vets. I would put money on the fact that the vet did not mention this to you.



NO the food is NOT only available through the vet.
It IS available WITHOUT prescription.
I order it for lots of my customers. I'm not a vet.


OK. I'm in retail so I buy from a wholesaler (trade only).

You could follow the link below (it's only a google search) and look at the sponsored links or others to gauge price and compare with your vet. In practice a local pet store (or pharmacy that carries pet lines) will be cheaper still.
As some pet insurance schemes are based on cost of product rather than where you buy it from, getting the product slightly cheaper could help you. This is going to be a long term condition. The vet is the expert, but why pay more for a tin of food or bag of dry?;q=h...
It shouldn't be a problem, that's what they are there for.. They basically don't pay for pre existing health problems.. If this is a new thing, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Hello..depends on why the vet say the dog needs this prescription food... and my friend who raises Dachsunds, who has an old lady dachshund with cancer for over 10 years uses only the RAW meat diet ..whole RAW ONLY..chicken or turkey parts..%26 a whole fish ( once a week or every other week ) bought from the grocery stores..just remember RAW, then the bones are not dangerous and dogs digest the RAW foods cooked is not good no matter what %26 cooked bones are the danger, even deadly...and Just for Info too..some of the prescription foods have ended up on the recall list as paying more is not always better..if you need info on the recalled pet foods, the sites are on my profile..Take Care :)
if your dog needs it who cares if your premium goes up if it needs to be done it needs to be done money should not be an issue.
My dog is on Hills prescription diet food, I have looked everywhere and can't find it anywhere so have to pay vet prices. I can't get it on insurance and he hates it but there doesn't seem to be a good alternative.
Insurance wise - your premiums should not be affected. The limts will be on whether your insurance policy pays out a maximum for life, for 12 months or per condition.

For that you will have to look at your policy wording.

I need to deworm my goat?

but my puppy eats the goats poop all the time. Do I need to worry about the medication affecting the puppy or will the goat affectively digest the meds? The medication is called Valbazen. On the label it says:WARNING :cattle: 27day slaughter withdrawl, not for use in first 45 days of pregnancy or within 45 days of removal of bulls. sheep: 7 day slaughter withdrawl, not for use in the first 30 days of pregnancy or within 30 days of removal of rams. Not for use in dairy animals. There are warnings to protect humans from injesting the stuff what about other animals and by-product? I asked a vet tech and she said dont worry... Ok all you vet techs out there...what do you think? I cant keep the two animals apart. You know how puppies are...she will outgrow the scat-eating and I could wait to administer meds I guess...
I'm not a vet tech...but I have an LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) that lives with the goats and ingests their droppings. I worm my goats regularly and she has never been affected (she has been with the goats since she was 5 weeks old). Just make sure you worm your puppy regularly, too.

If your puppy is a livestock guardian breed she will NOT outgrow eating the droppings. It's normal for them to want to clean up any evidence of their herd so as not to attract predators. It also helps them bond with the herd. It seems gross to us but it's completely normal for them.
i have goats 2 they are just lyk u'rs don't bother u they will change soon

You shouldn't let you puppy eat goat crap because the worms could be in there and get to your puppy.
I think I would worry less about the pup ingesting de-wormer than whatever worms might pass. Not all of them will necessarily be dead, and then you'll have a pup with worms, too. Do the best you can, but you may need to worm the pup, too.
They should be fine. Most of the medicine will be excreted throught the urine and the rest that is excreted through the intestines wont be enough to harm your pup. But I do recomend that you deworm your pup because he's probably eating the parasites eggs from the goats poop. Good Luck.
we have goats and dogs, we worm them all with the same thing we use safeguard goat wormer and safeguard puppy wormer. You can use the valbazen on both as well so i guess the answer is it dosnt matter.

I need to cut my dog's nails. The problem is that she gets very scared and tries to get away.?

I am looking for an OTC, or Home Remedy that would sedate her so that I can do a good job on her nails.
The best thing to do is to get her used to having her feet messed with. My best friend is a professional dog groomer and trainer, and she plays a game with all the dogs called "My Paw".

Hold the dog in your lap in such a way that it can't get away from you. Grab the dog's paw and hold onto it gently, but do not let the dog have its paw back until it is calmer, or until you are ready to give it back. Once you can hold the paw, start massaging the toes, and repeat the "My Paw" process. Once you can hold it, and massage the toes, bring the nail clippers out and pretend to clip the nails, again playing "My Paw"

Speak in a very soothing voice the whole time. Remember it is not what you say, but how you say it.

Eventually she will learn that you are not going to hurt her.
I have the same problem with both my dogs. The one bites at me, the other pees herself. I'm really interested to see what advice people give you. Thanks for asking such a great question!
Just take her to the groomers or the vet they usually do it for cheap and its easier then trying to do it yourself.
Clipping a dog's nails is tricky.If the nails are dark, you can't see where the life ends in it and might hurt him/her.Suggest you let the vet do it.Other way is loads of running , it will wear the nails of naturally.
I've got the same thing with my dog.

Don't drug your dog, please. Get help, hold her down, don't coddle her. She's got to learn that she must submit to having her nails clipped, but that nothing bad will happen to her and there's no reason to be afraid.

Also, it's important that you're calm and not apprehensive about her reaction. Your dog takes all her cues from you.
Try using a Dremel instead of a clipper. Many dogs that don't care to have their nails cut are much calmer with the Dremel. Also, try to work on your dog's nails after you exercised your dog. She might be too tired to resist.
Good luck.
you need to train her properly. do not sedate her.

dogs paws are extremely sensitive. even a really well trained dog will still flinch on occassion while having nails cut.
a dogs nails are NOT like humans nails - they go much deeper into the bone/flesh of the toe.

also, be very careful when cutting her nails. its best to cut a very small amount, leave it for a week, then cut another small amount.
this is because a vein runs down the nail - do NOT cut this vein, its very painful, will bleed a lot and can get a nasty infection in the dogs paw/leg.
I had the same problem too, but I took her to a local groomers and they cut them in 30 secs and didn't even charge. The vets will normally do it too, It they charge, it's normally not very much:)
I take mine to the groomers... 5 bucks and a whole lot less headache =D
let the dog check the clippers out for a while. try doing one nail at a time but take breaks in between. I had the same problem, did this and it worked
My dog can NOT bare to have his nails cut. It is an event! It takes a muzzle and atleast 3 people to hold him down and cost about 5 bucks at the groomers. He's drama king, but when it's over he's fine.
Well there is no quick fix to get your dogs to allow you to cut their nails. But I have found that if you play with the dogs paws it will desensitize them to you touching them and eventually allow you to cut their nails without any problem. All you should have to do is when they are just laying next to you touch and pet on their paws and when they do not fight with you about touching them give a treat. Your dog will soon learn that your not going to hurt them and allow you, without hesitation, to cut and groom them.

I have had a couple of dogs that just refused to allow it to happen at first, but with time and a little patience it became easier. Now when I go to cut my current dogs nails she just lays there and when she is all done she eagerly waits for her treat for a job well done.
Get a friend to help number one. I have my girlfriend hold my dog and put some peanut butter on a spoon and have her give it to him to distract him. Also, to avoid cutting too close, I cut his nails maybe every 10 days and just cut a little off so as to not go too far and cut the quick (the nerve in the nail that will bleed if you cut it). If you do cut the quick just quickly blot it with some paper towel for a few minutes. Then just mix a little corn starch and water and it will make a nice paste. Just apply the paste to the nail to close it. He'll be fine though.
You can try the Bach's Rescue Remedy... It might calm her down enough to allow you to do her nails.
You can also slowly get her used to the whole idea.. Leaving the clippers around, touching her feet all the time.. Letting her know that you aren't going to hurt her, allowing her to hear the sound of the clippers..
Some people have great luck filing the nails instead, or using a dremel tool on dogs that don't like their nails clipped.. Becareful the dremel tool tho if you have long hair. I talked to someone who got her hair caught in it and it pulled a plug of skin and hair right out of her head before she got it stopped!
Bring her 2 a groomer or a vet. But if she feels better w/ u around, y don't u ask the vet or groomer if u r allowed 2 accompany him in his teatment. After all, it would be easier 4 them as well right???
I use to have a problem with my dog not wanting me to cut her nails, she would whine and pull away from me. I started having the groomer cut her nails, this way she wouldn't be scared of me. Since she had a fear of having her nails cut I told the groomer about her fear, I told them that they may want to use a muzzle just in case.

Try taking your dog for walks, that does help keep the nails shorter. The dog seems to wear down their nails as the walk on the sidewalks. I use to walk my dog every day and I never had to have any one cut her nails. It was only after I became ill that I wasn't able to take her for walks every day when I needed the groomer to cut her nails.

I'm sure that every thing will work out just fine.
Hi Jason, if your dog initially resists getting his nails trimmed you will most likely need to spend a lot more time getting him used to the procedure. As with a puppy, it鈥檚 a good idea to start getting your dog used to having his feet handled before you attempt to clip your dog鈥檚 nails. Be very patient and don鈥檛 rush into the procedure.

Bring out the clipping tools ahead of time and let your dog become familiar with them. It is important that you remain calm. If you鈥檙e nervous, your dog will sense it and associate fear or uncertainty with dog nail trimming. If your dog is nervous use gentle reassurance, but don鈥檛 coddle your dog. Let your dog know that you expect him to behave, but don鈥檛 push it too far. Please look article:

Dog nail trimming is not painful if you use a sharp nail trimmer and don鈥檛 clip the nails too short. A dull trimmer can put a lot of pressure on your dog's toenail before it actually cuts through the nail. If this happens your dog may feel an uncomfortable pinching sensation. This is because the vein in the toenail is being squeezed. To avoid this always make sure that you're using a sharp pet nail trimmer.

Use only trimmers designed for pets. Ask your veterinarian or a groomer for advice about what types of nail trimmers are best for your dog and how to use them properly. Please look article:
Never attempt to trim your dog's nails with clippers designed for use on humans.
Jason Homan
Holding her down and making her submit?!? What a terrible suggestion. Gradual desensitization is a much better idea.
Please dont drug the dog. You can get someone to hold the dog while you are doing it. Get a mask to go over the dogs mouth so the dog don't bite either one of you. or you could also take the dog to the vet.

I need some names for my new puppy. Do you have any suggestions?

Like Bob or Bobby. I had no clue that naming a puppy would be this hard. I realy need the help. I have a Bichon Frise.
I assume you have a little boy! Congratulations! Here are some names you may like: Bandit, Casper, Bingo, Max, Dreamer, Topper, Bailey, Charlie, Cody, Romeo, Corky, Bugsy, Banjo, Benji, Elvis, Buster, Buddy, Boomer, Caesar, Gonzo, Gizmo, Scooby, Bear, Rambo, Dusty, Lucky, Champ, Thumper, Simba, Barney, Jasper, Harley, Zeus, Dasher, Cupid, Chance, Jake, Rocky, Toby, Milo, Ziggy, Radar, Oscar, Brutus, Bouncer, Ace, Archie, Ben, Dino, Felix, Fred, Junior, King, Laddie, Murphy, Prince, Rex, Rusty, Sinbad, Sonny, Yogi, Rocket, Sam, Jack, Toto, Chipper, Stud, and Cheeto. I hope this helps!
how about spike. it is a cool name
Is it a boy or a girl?


Fred, Steve, Brian, Louis


Maggie, Angelica, Eleanor

I like human names for dogs... i think it's funny!
If its a girl Chanel.
i have a shih tzu and in china (where they come from) they are called little lion i went online and looked for a name that ment lion.i found the perfect name for her and even came up with a cute nick name.try doing something like that.
i did after debateing for three months (before i got and when i got the puppy) as to what to name the dog...
You can google dog names. A LOT will show up. What I do to name my horses is I find something that is in their personality like spooky or timid or tall or nice or heavy or small or big or playful. Then find a translating website and translate it into another language.
Think about somthing that would sound good when shouted across the park - I recommend "Thief" or "Fire"
What about Snicker?!?!
I would observe its behavior for a while and name it accordingly. If I remember correctly Bichon are a larger curly haired dog. I would name it Fro (afro) or Curly.
Read a few of the online Veterinarian topics about pets.

I recommend the book
If Its A Boy:Chester
If Its A Girl:Fifi
Jacque (they are a french breed)
Kota (long "o")
girl: Lily, emma, emily,

these are such cute dogs!
We named our dog after a favourite song
what about snowball cause he or she is white correct? or maybe snowy or whitey or cream ?
it depends on his personality. the most but i would go with bobby. and what is your kind of dog and what is it called?
What about Caesar or Cleopatra!
How about, Mo, kane, Booda, gunner, shane, max, sampson, tyson, budster, mickey, shep, sammy,
if its a boy i think for a bichon frise puppy name it teddy bear,a girl cotton ball
We just got a Bichon also and we will most likely name him Sag-Wa. Which is Korean for apple, we have a South Korean exchange student and she is getting ready to go back home so we let her name him. Good luck.

I need some major help and advice...?

Okay, my dad went to walmart to get me poster board, and i guess he noticed that we needed dog food. He came back an hour later with a huge kibbles and bits bag. I told him about 15 times, today ALONE to NOT buy dog food at walmart. And you know why they picked up that particular food? Because of the fancy words and the pretty packaging. I was so angry, that I actually grabbed my dad over to the dog food and read out loud the ingredients. And told him about the BHA causing cancer. You know what I got? a HEY! PUT THAT BACK IN THE CLOSET!! And of course my stepmother had to put in a comment. She said, oh did we get the wrong cracked corn for the chickens, too!? It is not my fault I protect my dogs! I told him, bring me to the feed store, to get royal canin! I don't want to sound like a brat but hey I don't want my dog dying because of my ignorant father! How can I convince him to take the food back? I know that we can afford better food because he makes 2,000 a week. ingreds. in AD
One bag of this dog food isn't going to do your dog any harm. The next time you can go and buy the food you want for him. My parents dogs have always been fed on pedigree, they look great and have lived until they are 15 and 16years of age. It's more important your dog gets regular exercise and love, don't worry about the occasional bag of cheap dog food.
Here's the solution - buy your own dog food for your dogs. Short of that you have no right to complain. Your Father bought the food he could afford to support YOUR dogs -- if you want to buy better dog food (and believe me I don't blame you) then get a job, earn your own money, find your own way to and from the feed store - and buy the food you'd like for your animals.

We feed Artemis small breed dry food only. No recalls there- human grade food only.

Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Brown Rice, Pearled Barley, Lamb Meal, Oatmeal, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherois), Egg Product, Salmon, Natural Chicken Flavor, Canola Oil, Flaxseed, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Apples, Cranberries, Dried Chicory Root, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Lecithin, Garlic, DL-Methionine, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Choline Chloride Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin, Inositol, Dehydrated Kelp, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Cobalt Amino Acid Chelate, Potassium Iodate, Sodium Selenite, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Sage Extract, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermantation Solubles, Dried Enterococcus Faecium and Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min. 23.0%
Crude Fat, min. 14.0%
Crude Fiber, max. 3.0%
Moisture, max. 10.0%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids, min.* 2.2%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids, min.* 0.4%
DHA (Docosohexaenoic Acid) (min.*) 0.05%
Well in this your right. Maybe they will listen when the dogs get sever diarrhea and then they can clean it up!
Please try to explain to them that to change the dogs food over to another brand needs to be done slowly or else the dogs will get sick. Now your going to have to be adult about this no yelling.
Until YOU start paying the bills, PARENTS get to pick the food, not the best food, not the worst, get over it already
Actually hon, Royal Canin has recalled several of its dry foods.
If you *must* get food at Wal-Mart, get Maxximum Nutrition. No corn, no wheat, no by-products, BHA, BHT, artificial colors or flavors. Perhaps you could ask him to please return the Kibbles %26 Bits and exchange it for that?
He was TRYING.
Part of the problem could be the way you are approaching it; find some info print it out and ask him politely to PLEASE read it when he gets the chance - show that you have done your research and also show him some respect.
Try this website:
then take it back yourself and get the right stuff! get the receipt and do it. The first ingredient is corn. BAD. Does WalMart sell royal canin? If you all go to the feed store. Is that where you get the chicken feed? It's not just the BHA in the dog food, but the other stuff that's being recalled.
I give my dogs Diamond Naturals. No corn and not on any recall list
you are a mean, cold hearted person! you didnt have to be so mean to your dad! maybe he should let you walk to walmart and buy your own food from now on! do you yell at him when he buys you mcdonalds or burger king!? this man (assuming he is your biological father, and did raise you ) raised you and is the only reason you are here in this world. i wouldnt blame him one bit if he took you out of it either! we do need some chlorine in this gene pool! get a job you brat! i would say i hope you are cursed with kids just like you... but that would mean they would be in this world with mine.
If he's buying the food then he gets the say. It's just a shame he wont listen to the facts.

The only solution I can see is If you can find a way to pay for it yourself.
You are deffantally doing the right thing. Tell him what can happen when you feed your dogs that kind of food. Tell him the brand you want and whatever you do, do NOT feed your dog that food. (if you can, you go out and but the food yourself) Stick up for what you believe and you will get it. Good luck.
Sounds to me like a good kick up the a**,might help you remember who,s boss.You sound like a spoilt little b.itch.You are in bad need of some respect for your elders.Liz.
This is the time when you need to act older than you are %26 try to understand that they just fell prey to the advertisers. Their job is to draw people in by their packaging %26 sell the product %26 they are very good at it. Your parents did not get the dog food just to irritate you, they did what they thought was right %26 you can't fault them for that. Your best bet is to tell them thanks for trying but you would prefer to get a certain brand because it's better for your dogs. Then offer to pay for it if they will pick it up for you or go get it yourself. Donate the food you're not using to either someone in the neighborhood that needs some help or to an animal shelter that can always use it. It's not the worst food or they couldn't sell it. It's just not the best %26 not what you want.
Be patient %26 try to understand from a parent's point of view. They tried.
You are very correct..that food is not a suitable food for a is is better feed for chickens or goats then dogs.

It is very hard to convince people who don't want to listen that they are not feeding a good food. It is even harder if it is a parent. One would think that reading and comparing labels would be enough but unfortunately it isn't. Even a vet that is up on proper food and nutrition can't get through to people either. I wish you luck.