Sunday, August 2, 2009

I just realized my dog has licked one of is paw pads red.?

The past few days, I saw my dog was licking the fur of his paw. I didn't really notice anything about it, until I was scratching his belly just now and saw one of the pads of his paw was reddish pink! It isn't bleeding, and he doesn't limp, he walks just fine. Should I let him lick his paw or is this serious and I should take him to the vet?
Itchy paws are usually an early sign of food or inhalant allergies, causing the dog to lick constantly to relieve the itch. Other possibilities include OCD or a foreign object or other injury to the paw. Sometimes just a tiny scratch can make them lick the paw red.

First thing you should do is look on the undersides of the ear flaps - if the skin is cobblestoned and red, then check the eyes and lips - if they too are red you have about a 90% positive diagnosis for allergies. If you find none of these other signs, then you are probably looking at something local to the paw. Either way, you should have your vet examine the dog tip to toes and determine the problem. The sooner you treat the irritant, the less likely your dog will develop secondary skin infection from the licking.
He could lick it raw so I think a vet vist is in order to see what going on. It could be allergies so your vet can give you something to help him .
Probably allergies.Give him a bath and 1/2 tab of Benedryl.
you should take him to the vet!Tell your dog I said I am sorry for him!
Is he a long haired dog? If he is you may want to check for matts in the pads (big clumps of hair that must be removed by clippers). He may have a piece of glass stuck in a pad, a prick or possibly a twig. Check out his paws and see if you feel anything, if not take him to the vet before he starting eating at it. Good luck
I would recommend the vet.
It could be an allergy or something stuck in between his toes. If he keeps licking the paw will start to bleed and get infected.

Better not risk it.

i would take him to the vet because if hes licking his paw pad to the point were it is red then theres probably something wrong with it. it doesnt sound serious but it could be.dogs will lick themselves raw if they have fleas but i dont think fleas would be on his paw pad,but things like worms travel through their feet.
Might be a food allergy, might be something else.. Did you check his foot to see if there is something in the pad. If you are feeding a dogfood that has allergens in it.. Corn, wheat etc.. try changing the food.. if you are feeding a good quality dogfood, you might want to take the dog to the vet if he keeps bugging his foot.
My Whippet was licking her foot and it ended up being a Foxtail way up in between her toes. The vet and I had to dig for it...poor dog. I waited and her foot swelled up badly.
If I had gotten her to the vet sooner, the Foxtail would have been easier to get out.

Licking to the point of redness is a sign of something...not normal. Examine the dog very closely, use a light to check crevices. Feel in between toes. Also check the dog's temp. for any fever (sign of infection).

My dog showed no sign of the Foxtail besides licking for a day before. Then the foot ballooned. I felt terrible. She's fine now. We were able to do it with local anesthetic.
If you have a cocker spaniel, like I do, then it could be allergy problems. My dog did the same thing and was given medicine for allergies and an antibiotic so infection wouldn't set in. Best to let a vet check him out because if symptoms are not visible (such as eyes and ears as you mentioned) could be something else. Sometimes dogs lick because of their nerves or boredom. Hard to tell. I'd go to vet before infection sets in his foot or worse his body.
I would call the vet and tell them the situation and ask if they think you should bring your dog in to see them .
He may have a little thorn in it. Gentley squeze it to see if he wimpers, if it consists take him too the vet
Your dog most likely has allergy's. My dog does it all the time. I just sprinkle a little corn starch on it and give her a half of a teaspoon of benedryl. approved by my vet. I would try this before taking your dog to the vet, if this don't work then consult your vet.

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